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Deborah Scanzio

How did you find out about CST?
As a sportswoman living in Ticino, it's impossible not to know about CST. I first visited CST in my third year of secondary school. I spent a week there practising several different sports. And since the age of 15 I have been training regularly at the Centre. Initially, it was to work on my fitness; now I go mainly to train in acrobatics and to teach freestyle to children.

How important is the Sports Centre for your preparation as an athlete?
For me, CST is vital for my acrobatic training: since 2006, we have been able to use a ramp for the water jump; not everyone is lucky enough to be able to perform water jumps such a short distance from home. Most freestyle teams have to travel long distances to benefit from this kind of training.

Tell us about your experience at Tenero: what have you especially enjoyed?
My experience has been very positive. The facilities are excellent and always well looked after. We have everything we need for acrobatics and for our fitness training: trampolines, maxitramps, the water jump and trampolines in the pool. And it is the ideal place for running courses in freestyle because you can do a mix of acrobatics and many other sports. The children always have a great time. The thing I have really appreciated at Tenero is the attention to detail. The various areas are always clean and tidy. I also appreciate the wide range of sports you can practise, and the fact that CST is always at the cutting edge: every year the Centre starts something new and replaces its equipment. 

How can a centre located in a lowland area be useful in preparing for a sport associated with the mountains?
Success in my sport depends on fitness training and practice in jumping. You can do both of those things at CST. We can learn new acrobatic tricks using the elastic carpets and water-based trampolines, and best of all we can put it all into practice on the water jump.

To whom would you recommend CST as a “training base”?
Thanks to the lake and all the sports facilities available here, you can practise virtually any sport. So I would recommend it to all athletes. Those who live nearby can pay regular visits; people who live farther away can come on longer retreats and training camps. Tenero is also the ideal environment for members of a team to bond and get to know one another. 

Text: Dedrik Bollati, March 2016