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CST guests very much enjoy staying at our camp site. The excitement of spending a night under canvas with your friends creates a special atmosphere and is a great bonding exercise. Our tents can accommodate 16 people, the ground is tarmacked and the mattresses are laid on a damp-proof wooden surface. Participants need to bring their own sleeping bags; woollen blankets are provided. The tents have electric lighting.

Opening times

The camp site is open from 1 April until 20 October.


On arrival

CST issues the group leader with the number of tents required, a gas cooker and cooking utensils.


During your stay

Groups are requested to respect silence between 10.30 p.m. and 7 a.m.


On departure

The group leader returns the equipment issued on arrival. Any losses or damage must be paid for.


Bringing your own tent

Participants may bring and set up their own tents on SBB pallets.


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