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BMX stands for bicycle motocross. This cycle sport originated in the USA in 1968 and has since spread throughout the world.
Spectators are fascinated by the skills of BMX riders, who boldly negotiate even the most challenging terrain.
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Photo: Ralph Heksch

Photo: Ti-Press

Photo: Ralph Heksch

CST's offering

The Centre has a 200-metre-long BMX track with steep banks and a standard start gate, as well as a 100-metre-long pump track. The pump track requires a wide range of motor skills, including good balance and coordination. You can increase your speed by constantly shifting your body weight.
CST offers groups 13 BMX bikes, full-face helmets and a repair service.


BMX activities may only take place under the supervision of qualified instructors. If necessary, groups can contact Sisport Sagl to book qualified instructors. For more information and details of the sport safety requirements at CST, please refer to the links on the right side of this page.

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The CST provides 160 sports facilities, including three triple gymnasia, a double gymnasium for artistic gymnastics, four multi-purpose halls, eight full-size football pitches, an open-air athletics complex and an indoor athletics complex, a 50m swimming pool and a diving pool, four fitness and weight-lifting rooms and a water sports centre.

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