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Rules governing football at the CST

Foto: Ti-Press

Respecting booking – changes of pitch

Use only the pitches and changing rooms assigned to you. Any additional requests, changes or cancellations must be communicated in good time and in writing (e-mail also acceptable).
The CST reserves the right to make changes or cancel bookings if the condition of pitches so requires.

Use of the all-weather pitch

During every training camp at the CST, at least one session will take place on the all-weather Brochin and/or Cardada pitches, on a rota basis. If the football pitches are unusable, the CST will organize a special programme on the all-weather surfaces and in the gym.


Only boots with fixed studs may be used for playing football.

Football pitches

The pitches are constantly maintained by our ground staff. The condition of the turf also depends on the way you treat it: the more you respect these rules, the better your training conditions will be. This is also important for avoiding accidents.
We would therefore ask you to:

  • avoid using the goal area as much as possible;
  • avoid doing repeated training and coordination exercises on the pitch itself;
  • keep changing the position of the moveable goals;
  • make use of the grass strips on either side of the pitch;
  • use the special areas designated for goalkeeper training;
  • replace any divots at the end of each training session;
  • do not cross the pitches with any means of transport (cars, hoists, bikes, inline etc.).

Failure to observe these rules resulting in damage to the pitch surface will result in a fine.

Securing goals
  • At the end of every training session, the goals must be taken back to the storage area and secured with the padlock provided.
  • The goals must not be pulled across the grass! They must be carried by hand or moved using the wheels provided.

Photo: Ralph Heksch

Photo: Ralph Heksch

Costs of pitches, lighting and line-marking


With accommodation

Without accommodation

Friendly match on all-weather Brochin pitch, 105m x 68m

(including changing facilities, no lighting)

CHF 150*

CHF 300

Friendly match on all-weather Brochin pitch 1+2 or 3+4, 90m x 57m

(including changing facilities, no lighting)

CHF 75*

CHF 150

Friendly match on natural grass pitch

(including changing facilities and line-marking, no lighting)

CHF 150*

CHF 300

Marking out a football pitch

CHF 100

CHF 200

Lighting (Brochin, Tamaro, Sassariente, Brere and Verzasca pitches)

CHF 80

CHF 160

Lighting (all-weather Brochin 1+2 and Brochin 3+4)

CHF 40

CHF 80

Lighting of all-weather Cardada pitch

CHF 20

CHF 40

*additional charge of CHF 75 if the opposing team is not accommodated at the CST.

As a rule, competitive matches are played on the all-weather surfaces.
Applications should be made in writing and addressed to the administration, giving at least 10 days’ notice. The teams themselves must make arrangements for refereeing.

Order and cleanliness
We would request maximum respect for order and cleanliness on the pitch, in the changing rooms and in any classrooms used. May we remind you that, when a training session ends, boots must be cleaned in one of the five boot-washing machines provided. Never entering buildings wearing dirty football boots or knock the mud off outside before entering a building. Otherwise you will be charged the cost of the additional cleaning required.

Storage facilities

  • Teams training at the CST over an extended period may request space for storing their equipment.
  • Material trolleys have to remain outside the field, on areas with hard surfaces.

Washing football kit
The CST provides a kit washing service (10kg for CHF 20 and 20kg for CHF 35). You can ask for further information when you check in.

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