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Disciplina dell'arrampicata sportiva
Photo: Ralph Heksch

Orienteering enthusiasts enjoy navigating their way silently through forests and across difficult terrain, far from the crowds and noisy stadiums. The natural world is their environment, and the map and compass their chosen tools. Orienteering has its origins in the extensive forests of Scandinavia. Combining tactical thinking and cross-country running, it is a challenging discipline in terms of physical fitness and mental preparation. The aim is to navigate between control points and complete the course in the quickest possible time choosing your own best route.
Source: Gioventù+Sport

Photo: Ralph Heksch

Photo: Ralph Heksch


CST has an orienteering course with 14 fixed points. It provides both blank maps and maps showing the set course for CHF 1.50 each. External participants are also welcome to use the Centre's changing rooms.

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