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In general terms, fitness refers to physical well-being or physical health. Fitness activities are usually practised in specially equipped gyms.
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CST has a gym, a weights room and an outdoor functional training area as well as various items of equipment for weight and cardiovascular training.

  • The Gottardo gym comes with a variety of equipment to improve fitness and general muscle training. The room is ideal for a full body workout and is aimed at athletes of all levels. State-of-the-art equipment means that even occasional users can exercise correctly.
  • The Naviglio weights room is set up with the necessary equipment for free weights training in order to exercise different muscle groups.
  • The functional training area helps develop athletic potential using exercises and motion sequences that work several joints and muscle groups at the same time. This type of training requires no equipment and very few resources. It can be used to improve general fitness or to train for a specific discipline. 

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The CST provides 160 sports facilities, including three triple gymnasia, a double gymnasium for artistic gymnastics, four multi-purpose halls, eight full-size football pitches, an open-air athletics complex and an indoor athletics complex, a 50m swimming pool and a diving pool, four fitness and weight-lifting rooms and a water sports centre.

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The fitness rooms are only open to groups accompanied by a professional, qualified instructor. The weights room in the Gottardo building can only be accessed with a badge.
The minimum age for fitness training is 14.
If necessary, groups can contact Sisport Sagl to book qualified instructors.
For more information and details of the sport safety requirements at CST, please refer to the links below.

Useful tips

Gottardo gym and Naviglio weights room

  • The gym and weights room are open to groups staying at CST as well as local clubs.
  • Maximum number of users: 30 people (access control via turnstile and badges).
  • The fitness area must be booked no later than the evening before and the number of people must be confirmed.
  • Use of the equipment must be supervised by an instructor at all times.
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn in the gym, i.e. T-shirt, gym trousers, gym shoes and a towel. 

Functional training area

  • This area is open to performance athletes as well as groups accompanied by qualified instructors.
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn in the fitness area, i.e. T-shirt, gym trousers, gym shoes and a towel


National Youth Sports Centre Via Brere
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Daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Office hours may be limited at weekends from November to February.

National Youth Sports Centre

Via Brere
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