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Swimming is a sport imbued with mystery and legend because water is the source of life. Enthusiasm for the sport comes from mastering one or more strokes – breast stroke, front crawl, back stroke or butterfly. Some swimmers seem destined to compete and some swim for pleasure, while others enjoy the challenge of swimming in open water. Swimming is a particularly healthy sport as it offers a full-body workout, but does not put too much strain on the body as water provides buoyancy. Top-class athletes engaged in international competition come close to perfection in the various disciplines, each striving to develop a style of their own to give them an edge over their rivals in terms of applied energy and technique.
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CST offers optimal training facilities for all swimming disciplines. The quality of its facilities has led Swiss Swimming to establish a national center of excellence in Tenero.
In summer, the facilities comprise:

  • an Olympic-sized swimming pool ( 50 x 21 m) which can be shared between groups,
  • a pool for non-swimmers (10 x 16 m),
  • a diving pool (with 1, 3 and 5-metre diving boards),
  • a ramp for practicing water ski jumping. 

During Winter the Olympic pool and the pool for non-swimmers are enclosed in an inflatable structure (entrance fee).

The facilities include all the necessary training equipment for swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and diving. The Olympic pool is equipped with 16 state-of-the-art starting blocks, approved for international competition. Eight of these starting bocks are fitted with devices for measuring reaction times. CST also has a Kistler starting block with sensors to measure pressure, power and reaction time, and high-performance cameras with video analysis technology to monitor your dive.

The facilities are certified to host national swimming competitions.
The swimming baths are reserved for training sessions. Other recreational activities takes place in the lake.

Photo: Ueli Känzig


The CST provides 160 sports facilities, including three triple gymnasia, a double gymnasium for artistic gymnastics, four multi-purpose halls, eight full-size football pitches, an open-air athletics complex and an indoor athletics complex, a 50m swimming pool and a diving pool, four fitness and weight-lifting rooms and a water sports centre.

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Y+S courses must be supervised by instructors with a Y+S-recognized qualification. Other courses must be supervised by instructors with a Swiss lifesaving qualification. If necessary, groups can contact Sisport Sagl to book qualified instructors. For more information and details of the sport safety requirements at CST, please refer to the links below.


National Youth Sports Centre Via Brere
CH-6598 Tenero
+41 58 468 61 11
+41 58 468 61 02



Daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Office hours may be limited at weekends from November to February.

National Youth Sports Centre

Via Brere
CH-6598 Tenero