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Rules for use of swimming pools

These rules are delivered to course leaders, who are required to inform their monitors or coaches. Before you use the swimming pools, the attached form must be completed.

The CST management reserves the right to ban groups from using the swimming pools at any time, if they do not comply with these rules.

1.    Timetable

The swimming pool is normally available at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday:   08 –22
  • Saturday and Sunday:   08–18

Time Slots

  • Slot 1:          7–9 and 14–16
  • Slot 2:         9–11 and 16 –18
  • Slot 3:         11–13 and 18–20
  • Slot 4:         11–13 and 20–22

The swimming pools may be used only for training or teaching purposes, not for leisure activities. Sessions may also be organised at other times.

2.    Supervision and behaviour

The Centre does not supervise swimming sessions, nor are there lifeguards constantly on duty.
The CST pool attendant is responsible only for ensuring that these rules are observed and for managing bookings.

During training sessions, the participants must be accompanied and supervised at all times from the pool side by a monitor with a life-saving qualification (Plus Pool or higher) who is responsible for the safety of the group.

Do not run on the pool side, dive into the pool or sit on the floats marking the lanes. At the end of a session, the monitor must check that all the participants have left the pool.

If the CST pool attendant is not present, a caretaker can always be contacted on +41 79 459 77 38 (107 on the internal phone system) from 08.00 to 22.00 (only until 18.00 on Saturdays and Sundays).

3.    Hygiene and cleanliness

All swimmers must take a shower before going into the pool. 

The water quality depends on good bodily hygiene. To counteract sweat and urine, chlorine is used as a disinfectant. Apart from swimming costumes, no clothing, including shorts or Bermuda shorts, may be worn in the pool., The only exception is when life-saving practice is taking place.

The monitor must check that the changing cubicles, showers and WCs are left in a clean and tidy state after each session.

4.    Alarm system and safety precautions

The indoor pool complex is equipped with a number of monitoring and alarm systems.

In the event of danger (e.g. strong winds, sudden or heavy snowfalls), the management reserves the right to close the complex at any time.

Life-saving equipment is contained in a cabinet on the pool side, including a rescue board, life hook, megaphone and first-aid kit.

In the event of the CST duty staff ordering the evacuation of the premises, leave the swimming pool complex immediately, as instructed. In the event of a power cut, you must also evacuate the premises immediately. In the event of the alarm being sounded because of a chemical hazard, evacuate the premises as indicated on the plans, following the instructions of the staff on duty.

Emergency exits

The emergency exits should be used only as a means of escape from the premises. The areas in front of them must be left free of obstructions, in particular items of equipment that might impede evacuation. Every time the emergency exits are opened, there is a loss of pressure tending to deflate the pool canopy. The emergency exits should therefore be opened only if there is a real emergency and in the presence of the trained CST staff on duty.

5.    Access / changing facilities

Badges are valid only during the period of your stay and at the confirmed times; they are non-transferable. Access is permitted only for swimmers or persons involved in organizing the swimming sessions. The CST carries out regular identity checks. 

In the case of special events, the general public may not access the indoor pool. 

In the changing rooms, there are lockers that can be secured with a padlock. The lockers may be used only for the duration of the training session. Lockers that are found to be padlocked at other times will be opened. The Centre does not accept liability for items that are lost or stolen. 


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