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Volleyball is the most popular team sport in the world. It is suitable for all ages and levels of ability, and is played both as a recreational and a competitive sport.
A team may touch the ball three times before hitting it over the net and ideally grounding it on the opponent's court. Tactics involve forcing the opposing team to lose possession of the ball.
Volleyball originated in the USA around the turn of the twentieth century as a net-based alternative to basketball. It became increasingly popular in the decades that followed. Offshoots of the sport include mini volleyball and beach volleyball.
Source: Gioventù+Sport


CST has 18 volleyball courts:

  • ten outdoor courts with synthetic, asphalt or grass surfaces
  • eight indoor courts with polyurethane or wooden flooring

CST provides all the necessary training equipment for playing volleyball. A long net can be set up lengthwise to cater for large groups. The Gottardo gymnasium hosts national league volleyball matches.

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