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Parkour / Street Workout

Parkour is a sporting discipline that challenges the body's ability to move along a particular course in a creative, effective and varied way. The aim is to rapidly clear obstacles using a variety of techniques: jumping, balancing and climbing. Parkour can be practised either outdoors (making use of features of the urban or natural environment) or indoors (using vault boxes, benches or other obstacles). It also serves an educational purpose in that it enables children and adolescents to realistically gauge their own abilities and to select their own focus – whether camaraderie, mutual help, or simply enjoyment.


CST now has its own parkour installation. The course, which has been designed to offer different degrees of difficulty, is combined with a street-workout installation.

Photo: Ti-Press


The CST provides 160 sports facilities, including three triple gymnasia, a double gymnasium for artistic gymnastics, four multi-purpose halls, eight full-size football pitches, an open-air athletics complex and an indoor athletics complex, a 50m swimming pool and a diving pool, four fitness and weight-lifting rooms and a water sports centre.

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Parkour calls for great care to be taken at all times. The CST installation is solely for the use of young people aged over 14 years who are at least 140 cm tall (unless they are accompanied by an adult).
Any groups wishing to benefit from qualified instruction should contact Roman Botta (
Before using the installation, we urge you to consult the safety information as well as the links given below.


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