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Inline skating

Photo: Ralph Heksch

Inline skating is an individual sport practised using skates with wheels arranged in a single line. Skates of this kind were designed to enable hockey players to train without an ice rink. The skating technique is similar to that of ice hockey, though not as fast owing to the higher degree of friction between the skates and the ground.
Source: wikipedia


At CST, inline skating can be practised on the Centre's internal roads and half pipe ramp, and on the 100 m pump track.
The level roads of the Magadino plain are also suitable for inline skating.
CST provides inline skates in various sizes for groups of up to 15 people.
The Centre also has two fully equipped trolleys for inline skating on roads, which come with all the necessary equipment: inline skates, helmets, and knee, elbow and wrist guards. Equipment should be reserved well in advance.


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