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Rugby is a team sport involving a great deal of physical contact. It was first played in the 19th century at the British school from which it takes its name. Players have a great deal of freedom in how they choose to play the game and the tactics they employ. It is nevertheless a complex game which places great demands on the players, both physically and mentally. It requires a combination of courage, intelligence and tactical thinking.
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CST has an artificial pitch marked out for rugby training and matches. Training sessions can also be held on grass pitches.

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The CST provides 160 sports facilities, including three triple gymnasia, a double gymnasium for artistic gymnastics, four multi-purpose halls, eight full-size football pitches, an open-air athletics complex and an indoor athletics complex, a 50m swimming pool and a diving pool, four fitness and weight-lifting rooms and a water sports centre.

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National Youth Sports Centre Via Brere
CH-6598 Tenero
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Daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Office hours may be limited at weekends from November to February.

National Youth Sports Centre

Via Brere
CH-6598 Tenero