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Photo: CST/Ti-Press (Samuel Golay)

Slacklining is a dynamic balancing exercise. It refers to the act of balancing or walking across a length of nylon webbing strung between two anchor points. There are a few simple rules to get you started. Focus on a fixed point at the end of the line, place your feet flat and straight on the line, and hold your arms out above your shoulders in order to keep your balance. At first, the line will sway quite vigorously from side to side. But don't lose heart. With a little practice, you'll soon be able to take your first steps along the line and start to defy gravity.

Photo: Ti-Press


CST provides opportunities to practise slacklining out of doors and in the gym, and can supply the necessary equipment. Using the equipment requires a certain amount of skill.


When practising outdoors, slacklines must be securely attached to trees. When practising in the gym, the nylon webbing must be attached to the anchor points provided and not to other pieces of apparatus, such as the climbing wall.
This activity does not need to be supervised by qualified instructors.

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