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Stand Up Paddle Polo (SUP Polo)

Foto: Ralph Heksch

Stand-up paddle polo (SUP polo) is a type of SUP. This sport uses symmetrical paddle boards, which differ from those used in conventional SUP and which enable the players to change direction more easily. The parts of the paddles usually used for propulsion are both concave and convex.

An SUP polo match has three players for each team at any given time. A player scores a point by hitting the ball into the goal using only his or her paddle. 

Playing this game is recommended only if the participants are well versed in SUP (in particular balance and paddling).


Foto: Ralph Heksch

CST has all the necessary materials for playing this sport:

  • 12 stand-up paddle polo boards
  • 12 SUP polo paddles
  • 2 inflatable goals
  • 2 balls


Groups are limited to a maximum of 12 people.
Y+S courses must take place under the supervision of qualified and recognized Y+S (in canoeing, rowing, sailing and surfboarding with the “SUP stand-up paddling module) instructors with a lifesaving qualification recognized by the Swiss Lifesaving Association. If necessary, groups can contact Sisport Sagl to book qualified instructors. For more information and details of the sport safety requirements at CST, please refer to the links on the right side of this page.

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