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Euro 2008

In June 2008, the German national football team selected CST as its training headquarters ahead of the UEFA European Football Championship.

Photo: CST/Ti-Press

The team trained at Tenero for the duration of the Championship. This national team booking required serious dedication from the CST staff, who provided high-quality services including meticulous pitch maintenance. Even the German national team – one of the best in the world – was impressed. Fans and football enthusiasts flocked to the site to watch Ballack and his fellow players in training. The event sparked so much curiosity among fans that the organizers were eventually forced to close the training grounds to visitors. 

An international platform
For the purpose of this event, our Gottardo gymnasium was transformed into a media centre. Daily press conferences were attended by around one hundred journalists and broadcast live by Germany's most popular channels. EURO 2008 was a showcase for CST, with the result that the Centre became known beyond the country's borders. 


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National Youth Sports Centre

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