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Corporate events and seminars

CST offers an array of facilities and activities for conferences, workshops, seminars and corporate events. We are surrounded by a stunning landscape and enjoy an incredibly sunny climate. What's more, we offer a wide range of sports activities, state-of-the-art logistics and a level of service that is second to none.

Eventi aziendali

Every company is faced with the challenge of running events to boost team morale. Sport is a fantastic way to achieve this.  

CST is the perfect place to get away from the daily grind and round out conferences, seminars and workshops with a side helping of sport. Not only do we offer a fresh and dynamic environment, stunning surroundings and friendly, professional staff, but we also have an infrastructure that allows for a wide range of leisure and seminar activities.

Promoting team spirit
Seven excellent reasons to book an event or sports day at CST:

  • Help employees to identify more with the company and boost team morale
  • Improve cooperation within the group (team building)
  • Motivate employees to reach targets
  • Get to know one another outside of the working environment
  • Establish and develop personal relationships
  • Celebrate a special event
  • Run an outdoor training course in a sporting environment

CST has 160 sports facilities at your disposal. These are ideal for leisure sports activities, multi-sports days and company tournaments.



Eventi aziendali2

Sports activities

Sport will be a highlight of your corporate event programme. A sports day at a venue such as CST will boost team morale.

CST offers a wide range of team sports comprising not just classic football tournaments, floorball and beach volleyball, but also lesser known activities such as Kin-Ball and bubble football. The Centre also offers water sports activities, such as canoeing and stand-up paddle boarding, and individual sports, such as archery, climbing and fencing.

Best times to book

At certain times the year, you can enjoy greater availability of facilities and complete peace. The best times to book an event are weekends in May, June and September. During these months, the sports facilities are guaranteed to be available and the climate is warm and sunny.

Thanks to the mild winters in Ticino, it is also possible to enjoy outdoor sports activities and excursions at this time of year. The best time to book events during the winter season is between October and February. During this period, the sports facilities are in less demand and the triple gymnasia are also available.  

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Suggested programme


  • Morning: Arrival and check-in
  • Midday: Welcome and lunch
  • Afternoon: Sports and seminar activities
  • Evening: Dinner and social evening


  • Morning: Breakfast and sports activities
  • Midday: Lunch
  • Afternoon: Sports activities, award ceremony and departure

Sarah Bazzocco Event Manager
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Sarah Bazzocco

Event Manager

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