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The canteen provides a full-board service, obligatory for guests accommodated in our hostels, optional for those staying on the camp site.

The canteen offers a full-board service. Menus are balanced and tailored to meet the needs of all sportsmen and women, from school children through to elite athletes. Our guests can choose between a carbohydrate-rich dish and an alternative containing protein (animal or plant-based). Our meat comes from Switzerland, and we buy most of our seasonal fruit and vegetables from local producers. If you have special dietary requirements, we would be pleased to advise you.

Lakeside barbecue
From April to September guests on full board can book a barbecue down by the lake. This costs an additional CHF 5 per person. We provide a selection of meats and vegetarian alternatives, three types of salad, and bread. Paper plates and plastic cutlery are also provided.

Nuovo menu mensa
Photo: Ralph Heksch

Photo: Ralph Heksch

National Youth Sports Centre Via Brere
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Daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Office hours may be limited at weekends from November to February.

National Youth Sports Centre

Via Brere
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