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National associations at CST

Many sports associations come to CST for training visits of longer or shorter duration. This means that athletes in various disciplines are able to train at Tenero.

CST hosts the national training centres of Swiss Aquatics, Swiss Athletics, the Swiss Football Association and the Training Base of Swiss Golf Association. Many national teams and individual athletes are regularly involved in training camps at Tenero, accounting for around 18,000 overnight stays each year.

Swiss Aquatics

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Swiss Aquatics has established a national "Training Base" at CST. It caters for highly motivated and talented swimmers who have decided to devote themselves to top-level competition in a professional environment. The Training Base attracts swimmers and coaches of international reputation.

Swiss Athletics

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CST hosts one of Swiss Athletics’ six elite athletics centres. Its main purpose is to promote the practice of this discipline at the highest levels.

Swiss Football Association

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CST hosts one of the Swiss Football Association (ASF)’s pre-training centres. This centre welcomes dozens of talented youngsters, who are encouraged and supported in their academic and footballing careers.

Swiss Golf Association

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An ever-increasing number of young people play golf professionally. This has encouraged the Swiss Golf Association (ASG) to set up a national training centre at CST.

federazioni nazionali CST

CST is an arm of the Federal Office of Sport (FOSPO) and works with Swiss Olympic to foster the talents of young Swiss athletes. National associations can choose CST as:  

  • National training centre
    Athletes from the national training centres are among the best in their respective disciplines. Their daily activities are organized so that they can combine a good academic education with intensive practice of their sport. CST provides everything required to meet the demands of a sporting career at international level.
  • Training base
    Sports associations choose CST as a facility for running regular training camps, where they can enjoy the best possible conditions for training. CST does all it can to invest in infrastructure and equipment to ensure that users in this category benefit from the best possible training facilities.
  • Training camp
    Various national associations run occasional training camps at CST, taking advantage of the Centre’s wide range of services.


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Steffen Liess

Elite Sport Sector Manager