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Elite sport at CST

The Elite Sport Sector supports the bright young prospects of Swiss sport, applying the stipulations of the Swiss Sport Promotion Act.


It provides its services mainly to the national associations, but also to regional bodies and athletes training on their own initiative, as well as to international associations. One of the principal objectives is to improve the overall conditions that contribute to promoting elite sport.
The Sector is committed to providing a perfect sports facility, support services for athletes, and a training and assistance programme geared to the requirements of elite athletes, including board, lodging and recreation. Expertise in sports medicine and sports science is also made available to athletes and coaches.

National associations at CST

federazioni nazionali CST

Many sports associations come to CST for training visits of longer or shorter duration. Athletes practising various disciplines are able to train at Tenero.

Regional associations at the CST

Federazioni regionali

CST hosts the regional training centres of Team Ticino (football), the Ticino Cantonal Gymnastics Association, the Federazione di Sci della Svizzera Italiana (Ski Federation of Italian-Speaking Switzerland/FSSI) and Ticino Sailing.

Faces of elite sport

CST regularly hosts nationally and internationally famous athletes, who appreciate the Centre’s range of services.

Elite sport facilities

a proposito del cst

CST boasts a wide range of facilities for running full-scale, high-quality training sessions. This is one of the factors making it possible to hold the Tenero 3T Talent Meet there.

Coordination of sport and academic education


CST also supports athletes in their academic studies. Talented youngsters benefit from educational programmes specially designed for elite athletes.



CST provides all the services needed for coaching athletes in all aspects of their training.

3T camp

Photo: Ti-Press

Twice a year, around 500 talented young athletes arrive at the National Youth Sports Centre in Tenero for a week of training.

4T camp

Photo: Ti-Press

Once a year, sporting talents from around 15 sports associations in Ticino train together for a week at CST.

A platform for associations

The CST regularly organizes meetings between national and Ticino-based sports associations. These are times for sharing and discussion, with the aim of creating synergies and fostering mutual support.

Steffen Liess Elite Sport Sector Manager
+41 58 468 61 76


Steffen Liess

Elite Sport Sector Manager


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