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Coordination of sport and academic education

CST supports young athletes in their academic studies at several levels, as well as fostering their sporting careers.


It is important that young elite athletes be able to pursue their sporting objectives without neglecting their academic studies. A team provides assistance in coordinating sporting and academic activities, facilitating contacts between federations, coaches, school and teachers, all in the interests of the young people and their objectives. 

A range of educational opportunities:

  • Scuola professionale per sportivi d'élite (Vocational school for elite athletes)
    The SPSE was established in 2001 and is recognized by Swiss Olympic as a Swiss Olympic Partner School.
  • University-level higher education
    The Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), based in Lugano, and the Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Italian Switzerland/SUPSI) offer flexible programmes of study that are ideal for athletes.
  • Distance learning
    A number of schools offer distance-learning facilities that combine well with sports training. The CST employs support staff and has dedicated classrooms exclusively for the use of elite athletes.

Internships at the CST
The CST believes in the added value that top-level athletes can contribute, including from a vocational perspective. For this reason, the CST is keen to offer internships to talented young athletes.



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Luca Tavoli

School and sport coordination