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Faces of elite sports

The CST regularly welcomes nationally and internationally renowned athletes who appreciate the range of services and facilities available throughout the year.

Ajla Del Ponte

Ajla Del Ponte
Photo: Dedrik Bollati

 The sprinter Ajla Del Ponte is at home at the CST. Here she can optimally train using the athletics track, the weight rooms and the Regazzi gym during the winter season.

Noè Ponti

20210623_CST_SwissSwimming_Noè_Ponti_2400_rhe (2)
Photo: Ralph Heksch

Noè Ponti, from the Società Nuoto Locarno, trains daily at the CST. He uses the Olympic swimming pool, which is covered during the winter season, as well as the weight room and the medical centre located within the CST.

Cristina Francone

Photo: Ralph Heksch

Flippers Team's finswimmer Cristina Francone trains regularly in the CST pool. She is the holder of two world records in dynamic apnea.