Elite sports

Elite Sports Desk

National sports federations are assisted by the Elite Sports Desk, which is the main contact point for coaches and individual athletes.


National and regional associations at CST

The CST offers national and regional sports federations the possibility of organising training stays of variable duration. In Tenero, athletes can train under optimum conditions.

Tutti i Talenti a Tenero (3T)

Twice a year, over 500 talented Swiss athletes undergo a week of intensive training at the CST. This is a unique opportunity for promising young athletes to make sporting and personal progress.

Faces of elite sports

The CST regularly welcomes nationally and internationally renowned athletes who appreciate the range of services and facilities available throughout the year.

Tutti i Talenti Ticinesi a Tenero (4T)

Once a year, promising young athletes from Ticino, representing some fifteen sports federations, gather at the CST for a week of training.